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I liked Hugo despite his continually wearing dress shirts open to the navel , I even liked the nephew wannabe OM Jacques an impetuous but sweet kid But I intensely disliked the stuttering, stammering, hesitantly spoken Ruth The shy, conflicted, uncertain heroine in Mary Burchell s NOBODY ASKED ME could have elbowed Ruth in the throat, knocked her backpack into a puddle, stole her lunch money I really don t understand how these two worldly dudes were so ass over teakettle for her Also, there was no plot to speak of No OW, no mystery or danger, no anything at all Not every story needs these ingredients, but seriously SOMETHING needs to happen The best part was the description of the library at Hugo s chateau I want one D Otherwise, 2 stars for blah nothingness. One of my first Rebecca Stratton novels bought by mum for me in 1976 I liked this story very well. The French seem to be quite liberal with their kisses It was an interesting story and both the Hero and heroine were extremely likable Plus it takes place in an old French chateau how can I resist. &FREE PDF ⇳ Autumn concerto ☋ It Was Through The Attractive Young Frenchman Jacques Delange That Ruth Had Lost Her Job, So It Was Really The Least That Jacques Could Do To Find Her Another Working For His Uncle HugoBut Hugo Gerard Was To Cause Ruth Considerably Heart Searching Than Had His Nephew