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@Free Kindle ñ Something in the Potato Room ⚣ In The Dark Alcove Of The Potato Room, The Unexpected Blooms The Surrealistic Imagery In This Collection Of Poems That Takes The Reader On An Otherworldly Descent, Where Reality Is Made Bizarre When The Narrator Confronts Death In The Mundanity Of The Supermarket The Poet S Forceful, Startling Syntax Complements The Unexpected Subjects Of The Poems The Random Fascination In Antique Medical Apparatus, A Foucauldian Rigor, The Occasional Absolute, And Is Combined With An Unfussy Flow Of Frank Prose And A Unconventionally Twisted Narrative Absolutely loved this book Picked it up to kill some time the other night Such an amazing piece of writing I m keeping it nearby so I can re read it a few times. I do like the concept of this little collection and I think the approach of writing it in untitled pieces, essentially as one poem, must have been the greatest challenge in pulling it off The pieces advance the story and the right beats are struck to move the narrative forward I think the character that the poet has fleshed out is human and interesting enough to carry the narrative My criticism is with the poems or pieces themselves as poetry It s telling that no than one piece found its way to publication outside of this collection They can t stand on their own as poetry, in my opini I read this book for a class and was extremely confused and a little disturbed by it It s a creeper that s for sure After the class discussion I started to get it and liked it a lot I still think it s on the w