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[ FREE PDF ] ♖ Jesus Christ Is Not God ♊ The Expressions God The Father, God The Son And God The Holy Spirit Are Almost Cliche In Their Association With Christianity The Doctrine Of A Three In One God Is So Familiar That The Vast Majority Of Christians Believe It To Be The Keystone Of Christian Faith The Author Of This Explosive Study Was Also Reared To Believe In The Trinity Yet, Through His Biblical Research, He Gradually Came To See That Jesus Christ Is Not God That He Is The Son Of God, But Not God The Son Without God The Son There Is No Trinity What Is Christianity Without A Trinity It Is Placed Back At The Point When The First Century Apostles Lived And Dynamically Taught Those Things Which God Revealed To Them And Which Jesus Himself Had Shown Them During His Life The Bible Clearly Teaches That Christianity Is Monotheistic God, The Father Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Is The One And Only True God Whom Jesus Christ And His Followers Are To Worship As Above, Before And Over All Things How Can Christians Hope To Please God When They Aren T Clear On Who God Is The Author Contends That Separating The Father From The Son Does Not At All Discredit The Son Rather, Trinitarian Dogma Placing The Son On God S Level Degrades God From His Elevated, Unparalleled Position Besides, It Leaves Man Unredeemed This Book Looks At The Historical Evolution Of The Trinity, Since Trinitarianism Simply Was Not A Part Of The Doctrine Of The First Century Apostles, Nor In Fact, A Part Of Church Doctrine For The First Four Centuries Then, Biblical Study Elucidates The Beauty And Significance Of God S Relationship With His Son Jesus Christ Was Not An Extension Of God, But One Who Was Willing To Be The Sacrificial Passover Lamb The Redeeming, Second Adam.