Book ☺ The Claiming Of Kitten ♂

Book ♿ The Claiming Of Kitten ♘ Alexandra Scott Moved To Europe To Advance Her Career She Went From Being Fresh Out Of College To Being Offered A Senior Position As Regional Director For Greenwich Grille Leaving Work Late One Night, Alexandra Is Not Watching Where She Is Stepping And Falls After Her Heel Snagged In A Crevice On The Last Step Alexandra Finds Herself Falling Once , When A Deep, Instantly Arousing Voice Offers Help, But Snaps Out Of It And Walks Away Suddenly, She Is Caught From Behind, Picked Up, And Carried Away Into The NightLucius Sinclair Has Wanted Alexandra Since The Moment He Saw Her And Soon Realized She Was The Owner Of The Risqu Novel He Found At His Company Looking Through The Ruffled Pages, Lucius Finds The Means He Needs To Get What He Wants And What He Wants Is Alexandra He Had His Uncle Offer Her A Job Immediately For The New Office In Prague When She Falls Into His Arms, Lucius Plans Fall Into Place And He S Sure That She Will Soon Be At His Mercy Tied And Submissive, Just Like In Her Fantasies

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  1. 100sweet 100sweet says:

    This book sounded better than it was The h resisted the H but kept giving in bc her body responded to him There was also a very cliched OW This story could have been so much better but lacked quality.