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~FREE BOOK ⚆ Maison Domine ♡ Taking Bonding And Exothermic Reactions Outside The Laboratory A Binding Ties StoryOrganic Chemist Lara Brunner Is At Loose Ends Since Childhood, Her Life Has Been Focused On Work And Achieving Success In Her Field Only Now, Weeks Away From Her Tenure Review, She Realizes She S Pushed Herself Too Far Casting About For A Way To Release Her Stress Crazed Body From Career Tension, She Visits A BDSM Retreat, Hoping A Weekend Of Sexual Submission Will Do The TrickInducting Her Into The Lifestyle Is Her At Work Nemesis Jaxon Greene But The Sinful Intent She Encounters In Jaxon S Sexy Eyes Makes Her Heart Race With Desire And Fear Gorgeous Men Like Him Don T Go For Zaftig Academics Like Her Once The Fantasy Weekend Is Over And Real Life Returns, He Ll Forget All About HerJaxon Is Blindsided By His Intense Attraction To Lara The Time He Spends With Her, The Stronger Their Invisible Bonds Become Bonds That Are Stronger And Permanent Than Any Knot He Can Tie He S Not Normally Into Converting Vanilla Women To His Lifestyle, But Something Makes Him Want To Cast His Inhibitions Aside And Claim Her For His OwnFirst, Though, He Has To Free Her From Preconceived Notions Of Proper Sex And Love Maison Domine is a novella that has all the elements of a hot read Lara is a curvaceous heroine with a shy side that is adorable Jaxon is a sexy hero with a sensitive side I really liked this novella because the dom sub play was not too heavy and the teaching aspect was sensual and fun The ending was satisfying and made me ready to read Maison Domine 2 The scene where Lara is at the snack table at the meet and greet is priceless The dialogue is sexy and believable and the sex scenes are not only scorching, but emotional as well I would recommend this read to anyone looking to spend the afternoon curled up on the couch, ready to be whisked away into an erotic fantasy. While this is the first story from this author I have read, I will certainly grab up the next I found this one to be entertaining, but I will say that I would have enjoyed it if it had been longer and a fleshed out story Due to the shortness I think that some things were glossed over, while some were only hinted at All in all a good short, which has made me curious to pick up a full length novel by this author.1 typos editing issues. Maison Domine by Skylar Kade Reviewer NoteMaison Domine is only available in e book format at the moment, and is part of the Binding Ties Anthology with authors Jenna Ives and Natasha Moore.Lara Brunner spends most of her waking hours at work, and has even been known to sleep at her desk on occasion As an Organic Chemist, she relies strictly on facts, using logic and order to conduct complicated scientific experiments, many of which have garnered her great respect and renown in her chosen field of study But, unfortunately for Lara, logic doesn t factor into the steamy fantasies she s been having about her co worker and rival, Professor Jaxon Greene, nor does it stop her best friend, Samantha, from essentially blackmailing her into spending a weekend at a secret mountain retreat where she can finally work through some of her pent up frustrations and relinquish a little control.Not only is Jaxon Greene a professor, a successful author, and a soon to be affluent screenwriter, but he s also a regular Dom at a local BDSM retreat And while he s been part of the underground culture for quite some time, five years ago an accident made him realize he could never have a long lasting relationship with a submissive woman again At least, he didn t think he could, until he s asked to indoctrinate a newcomer to the lifestyle and finds himself face to face with Lara, a woman he never expected to find in his bed, let alone fall in love with.I d like to start out by saying that from what I can tell after visiting her website and sleuthing the internet, Maison Domine is Skylar Kade s debut in the publishing world And while I understand most readers expect a debut story to be just as good as a one written by a veteran author, I, personally, tend to be a little forgiving when I know I m reading an author s first work So, with that in mind, I intend to focus on the positives before I delve into the areas that didn t work for me.First and foremost, at its core Maison Domine is a well constructed story Skylar Kade has a good command of the basic elements necessary to bring a romance full circle, and she accomplishes that task within the confines of this story She also seems to have a good understanding of the BDSM genre, and at no point over the course of the novella did I feel like I was being read a beginner s guide to BDSM, which is good She integrates the distinctive components of the BDSM lifestyle into the story fairly seamlessly, and in turn, her knowledge lends a believable quality to her characters while they re engaged in intimate acts So for her ability to subtly help the reader understand the underlying reasons why someone might choose to explore BDSM, I tip my hat to Ms Kade Even though some readers might still consider BDSM a taboo subject, I think stories along the lines of Maison Domine will go a long way in helping to dispel some of the misconceptions about the genre.Read the entire review HERE