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I Really Liked this one The personal conflict was very intense. 3.5 really This is a very short story however it s pretty good I did find it kind of awkward that she s had a bad experience and then, pretty much instantly, she trusts Scott However as a short novel I know some things get sacrified and overall I enjoyed the read BDSM lite, that was tedious than erotic The headhopping was a drawback for me, too. Loved this little short story wish it was longer I was a sweet depiction of an alternate lifestyle Ms Moore did this well. I struggled quite a bit with how to rank this, but finally settled on three stars.I really love the story of a sub hurt by her past finding a considerate Dom that wins her over.However there are a couple of things that doesn t work if she s so shy of men and being bound, then why would she not only follow him home the first time they meet but also allows herself to be tied It doesn t fit with the character described.The other thing that bothered me was that the dialog doesn t work Ms Moore can t have vocalized it or she would have noticed.It s a bit sad that such a strong story didn t get a better polish The story deserves five stars, but I just can t give it that. `EPUB ☟ Bound by Design ☠ He May Bind Her Body, But Can He Bind Her Heart Jenn Spends Her Days Crafting Custom Designed Slave Jewelry, But Wear A Collar Herself No, Thanks Been There, Done That, Burned The T Shirt That Whole Master Slave Scene Was Too Much Of A Roller Coaster Ride Then Scott, An Architect With A Dominant Side, Enters Her Life Something About Him Makes Her Body Come Alive With Longings For Another Taste Of The LifestyleScott S Life Fell Apart When He Tried To Deny His Dominant Tendencies He S Determined To Convince Jenn That Denying Her Submissive Needs Would Be A Big Mistake Her Response Is So Strong, So Sweet, He Finds Himself Falling Again And Falling Apart For The Smart And Sexy SubSuddenly, Something He Thought He D Never Have Seems Within Reach A Forever Love Tied Up In A Nice Leather Bow But Any Mention Of Sends Jenn Flying Away In Panic If Any Real Healing Is To Take Place, He Ll Need To Take A Giant Step Back And Design A New Approach Using Ropes, Chains And A Whole Lot Of Trust