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EPUB ½ The Tuscan Tycoons Pregnant Housekeeper ⚠ Plain, Timid Housekeeper Michelle Spicer Keeps Her Head Down And Gets On With The Job She Knows Her Place.Bored And Restless In The South Of France, Alessandro Castiglione Has Found Himself A Plaything Stripped Of Her Uniform And Naked In His Bed, Mousy Michelle Blossoms Before Him.But She Knows She S Only The Housekeeper Not A Rich Man S Wife Discarded, Disgraced And Left With Nothing But The Child She Now Carries, Michelle Is Back In Rainy England Until The Tuscan Tycoon Decides To Taste Her Charms Again. Weird book The beginning is promising the hero is charming, the heroine, though a housekeeper, is not completely downtrodden, they have a mutual interest in art Then they have sex and everything goes to hell The rest of the book literally seems to have been written by another author suddenly the hero is a classic HP jerk, the heroine is a classic HP pathetic doormat and the writing is just bad, full of meandering conversations that make no sense and go nowhere The end is incredibly abrupt and unsatisfying too I kept searching around, trying to find the sentence where they declare their love for each other but in fact, they never do They don t even think about it. Ugh I can t believe I actually finished this book. Odd, I guess that is the best way to describe how this book reads Yep, odd is the best I can come up with There are details mentioned for no reason, no follow up on what they might contribute to the story.Michelle Spicer is an award winning artist working as a housekeeper She plays at sketching, but never shows Alesandro Her mother had burned her portfolio, but no explanation why Alessandro Castiglione is an art dealer and artist himself He paints a picture of Michelle, but never shows it to her A brief mention of a past relationship, bits about his mother, but nothing to really explain why he is so against Michelle when he finds out she is pregnant.Overall, the story just left me feeling odd It seemed like I missed paged and important aspects of the story were missing It was still an ok story to read, just a little off.