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Storytelling At Its BestThe author introduces the reader to two Navajo detectives, Sgt Jim Chee and his old boss, retired officer Joe Leaphorn who sees a connection to a killing of two officers, a year earlier and the shooting of two policemen and the killing of a guard at a Ute Casino, a year later The narrative is a blend of Native American customs, which explores traditional and modern thoughts Several of the antagonists are multifaceted with various political, environmental and social viewpoints, leading to murder, deception, betrayal, and mistrust where things are not always what they seem I liked the working relationship and the respect that Leaphorn, Chee and Louisa Bourebonette, a social scientist have for each other and the delicate sparks of attraction that is slowly developing between Officer Bernadette Manuelito and Sgt Jim Chee, while attempting to solve the crime The reader is drawn into many of the characters world showing some of the similarities that we share as human beings, namely a phrase in the book, operating on Navajo Time, which in the African American culture, you sometimes hear operating on CP Time Colored Peoples Time It is a well written book with many twists and turns, escalating to an unforeseen revelation. Great storyAnother great story by the author A good mystery with lovely twists and turns along the way, keeping the reader guessing. #READ E-PUB Ñ Hunting Badger ⛅ Three Men Raid The Gambling Casino Run By The Ute Nation And Then Disappear Into The Maze Of Canyons On The Utah Arizona Border When The FBI, With Its Helicopters And High Tech Equipment, Focuses On A Wounded Deputy Sheriff As A Possible Suspect, Navajo Tribal Police Sergeant Jim Chee And His Longtime Colleague, Retired Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, Launch An Investigation Of Their Own Chee Sees A Dangerous Flaw In The Federal Theory Leaphorn Sees Intriguing Connections To The Exploits Of A Legendary Ute Bandit Hero And Together, They Find Themselves Caught Up In The Most Perplexing And Deadly Criminal Manhunt Of Their Lives Instead of the plot, these are enjoyable if you focus on the cultural detail and the description of the setting and people since the typical mystery is not set in the Four Corners region We get lots in interesting tidbits about the culture of the Native Americans living there as well as the sometimes tense relationship with the non Indians in the region. With Tony Hillerman s Hunting Badger, I m beginning to wonder if this is the onset of the series sailing over the Selachimorpha There are three things in the book that worry me First, as a trivial thing near the beginning, we ve got this The little hatch Chee had cut into the bottom of the trailer door clattered behind him on its rubber hinges, which meant his cat was making an unusually early visit That told Chee that a coyote was close enough to make Cat nervous Chee doesn t have a cat He sent that cat off to his first ex girlfriend in the great white north sometime about 10 years ago book time He did that because he figured the bilagaana cat couldn t become Navajo enough to survive, and as a traditional Navajo, he couldn t change the cat s nature to protect it So, not only does Chee not have a cat He never would And even if he did have a cat, it certainly wouldn t be HIS cat and he certainly wouldn t have presumed to name it Cat Second, there are several places where Hillerman seems to forget that he just told us something and tells it to us again The most obvious of these is someplace after the middle of the book where Leaphorn and Chee are discussing coal mines After a big discussion on this, they go their merry ways just to have a similar discussion the next day This isn t just some side discussion It s central to what they re doing.And finally and most troubling is the ending itself one of the bad guys is still on the loose This violates everything these books stand for In every single book up to this point, every single person has gotten exactly what he deserved To leave a bad guy hanging around loose is not a good thing So, I m sorry to say that I can only rate the book at an OK 3 stars out of 5 and note that I m starting to worry about the series.Hillerman s Leaphorn Chee novels are 1 The Blessing Way2 Dance Hall of the Dead3 Listening Woman4 People of Darkness5 The Dark Wind6 The Ghostway Jim Chee Novels 7 Skinwalkers8 A Thief of Time9 Talking God10 Coyote Waits11 Sacred Clowns Novel, A12 The Fallen Man13 The First Eagle14 Hunting Badger15 The Wailing Wind16 The Sinister Pig17 Skeleton Man18 The Shape Shifter Not as good as some of the earlier Leaphorn and Chee books because of the growing presence of Bernie Manuelito Fortunately, she doesn t take over the book the way she does the Anne Hillerman ones I always like to learn about the various cultures of the 4 Corners area as well. This is probably one of the best of Hillerman s Leaphorn Chee detective series Inspired by an actual manhunt on the Navajo Nations in which the FBI gave up the chase, concluding the suspects dead what else could you say after the suspects disappeared into the vastness that is Navajoland Retired NTP Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn assists Sergeant Jim Chee and Officer Bernadette Manuelito on a hunt for the robbers of the Ute Casino and the killing of a security officer and the wounding of another Hillerman uses his extensive knowledge of Navajoland terrain, culture, history, and the general politics of all things related to this area to masterfully craft a story that keeps you invested to the end Also has a surprise twist at the end. Tony Hillerman is my second favorite mystery author after Agatha Christie Again, I appreciated that I couldn t figure out the solution to the mystery halfway through, and Mr Hillerman is another master storyteller You ll also learn lots about another culture from his books, as they are all set on the Navajo Indian reservation in New Mexico, and the heroes are always the Indians, even when they go up against the FBI Of course, that s because they understand things about Indians that the white FBI guys don t, and they see and interpret clues differently Many good reads from Mr Hillerman I finally figured out why I like this series so much The people in the books aren t saving the whole world They solve a crime There is no illness epidemic, no nuclear bombs, no holocaust, no worldwide warjust a crime I realize John Sandford is another author where the characters solve a crime and are not saving the world Anyways, Chee and Leaphorn have FINALLY figured out they actually like each other and if you work together the crime becomes easily solved Two heads are better than one Well make it four if you add the smart women involved The women relationships are tootling along too I m in a re reading mode Just finished Tony Hillerman s Hunting Badger An excellent read, even if it s the second time around Hillerman weaves into his stories tons of Navajo mythology It s a requirement acctually, since his novels revolve around the Navajo tribal police down in the four corners section of the country.If you haven t discovered the Jim Chee Joe Leaphorn novels and you are a History Mythology fan you are truly missing an enjoyable experience The homicide cases they work are always bathed in some kind of indian folklore, and simmered in some fine deductive work as well.Good stuff, kiddos You ll love em.