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FREE â Sexuality And Medicine In The Middle Ages ⚹ Were The Middle Ages A Period Of Unbridled Licentiousness Or, On The Contrary, Of Severe Repression Between The Two Extremes This Book Provides An Answer By Drawing From Medical And Literary Texts Of The Middle Ages It Shows How Many Of The Medical And Moral Questions That Preoccupy Us In The Twentieth Century Worried Our Medieval Ancestors As Well Through A Detailed Analysis Of Both Expert And Lay Writings, Danielle Jacquart And Claude Thomasset Examine The Conceptions Of Sexuality That Were Created By Doctors, By Theologians, And By Romantic And Erotic LiteratureIn The First Section Of This Book, The Authors Discuss How Ideas Of Physiology, Venereal Disease, And Purity Were Described, And The Influence Of Anatomical Tracts On Popular Perceptions Of The Body The Second Part Charts A History Of Erotic Art, And Through This, The Differing Conceptions Of Eastern And Western Sexuality Finally, The Authors Present A History Of The Body, Analyzing Problems Of Impotence And Hysteria And How Female Sexuality In Itself Came To Be Perceived As Corrupt And Diseased

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