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i really didn t mean to attack anyone but THIS COMES OUT IN TEN DAYS WHAT THE HELL also i feel sincerely sorry for all my friends because this is the only thing i ll be talking about for the next year HOLY MOLY ARE YOU AUTHORS TRYING TO KILL ME First there s going to be a 3rd SoC book and now THIS I m having a heart attack right here I love Simon and Baz I FREAKING LOVE THEM If this is true I m going to die 333OH JEEZ My heart can t take this any P.S Am I the only one who thinks about Kansas Carry on Wayward SonCarry on my wayward sonThere ll be peace when you are doneLay your weary head to restDon t you cry no Is this a pun Rainbow Ingenious So damn ingenious lol @Ebook õ Wayward Son õ The Story Is Supposed To Be Over.Simon Snow Did Everything He Was Supposed To Do He Beat The Villain He Won The War He Even Fell In Love Now Comes The Good Part, Right Now Comes The Happily Ever After So Why Can T Simon Snow Get Off The Couch What He Needs, According To His Best Friend, Is A Change Of Scenery He Just Needs To See Himself In A New Light That S How Simon And Penny And Baz End Up In A Vintage Convertible, Tearing Across The American West.They Find Trouble, Of Course Dragons, Vampires, Skunk Headed Things With Shotguns And They Get Lost They Get So Lost, They Start To Wonder Whether They Ever Knew Where They Were Headed In The First Place With Wayward Son, Rainbow Rowell Has Written A Book For Everyone Who Ever Wondered What Happened To The Chosen One After He Saved The Day And A Book For Everyone Who Was Ever Curious About The Second Kiss Than The First It S Another Helping Of Sour Cherry Scones With An Absolutely Decadent Amount Of Butter.Come On, Simon Snow Your Hero S Journey Might Be Over But Your Life Has Just Begun. acknowledge Simon as bi or pay me 10,000 UPDATE this fucking cover is everything i have ever wanted and my lil gay heart cannot cope we have the new doomsday date we all gonna die sometime in 2020 this gives you enough preparation to fully appreciate that our gay bois will be once again returning this also gives goodreads sufficient amount of time to update their rating scale to 10 stars. FUCKING SHIT I JUST HAD A HEART ATRACK Why is Baz wearing a carpet my sexuality being attracted to all women and 1 floral suit wearing rat sucker 6 3 18 HOLY FORKING SHIRTBALLS THIS IS THE ONLY THING I MMA TALK ABOUT FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS AND THEN I M JUST GONNA KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT, BUT LOUDER AND IN MORE DETAIL 3 15 19 WE HAVE A COVER AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL i made a video reacting to the cover synopsis and sharing some of my theories if you wanna watch it MORE SIMON AND BAZ, I REPEAT MORE SIMON AND BAZ