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EBOOK ⚖ The Institute ⚇ From 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Stephen King, The Most Riveting And Unforgettable Story Of Kids Confronting Evil Since It Publishing Just As The Second Part Of It, The Movie, Lands In Theaters.In The Middle Of The Night, In A House On A Quiet Street In Suburban Minneapolis, Intruders Silently Murder Luke Ellis S Parents And Load Him Into A Black SUV The Operation Takes Less Than Two Minutes Luke Will Wake Up At The Institute, In A Room That Looks Just Like His Own, Except There S No Window And Outside His Door Are Other Doors, Behind Which Are Other Kids With Special Talents Telekinesis And Telepathy Who Got To This Place The Same Way Luke Did Kalisha, Nick, George, Iris, And Ten Year Old Avery Dixon They Are All In Front Half Others, Luke Learns, Graduated To Back Half, Like The Roach Motel, Kalisha Says You Check In, But You Don T Check Out In This Most Sinister Of Institutions, The Director, Mrs Sigsby, And Her Staff Are Ruthlessly Dedicated To Extracting From These Children The Force Of Their Extranormal Gifts There Are No Scruples Here If You Go Along, You Get Tokens For The Vending Machines If You Don T, Punishment Is Brutal As Each New Victim Disappears To Back Half, Luke Becomes And Desperate To Get Out And Get Help But No One Has Ever Escaped From The Institute.As Psychically Terrifying As Firestarter, And With The Spectacular Kid Power Of It, The Institute Is Stephen King S Gut Wrenchingly Dramatic Story Of Good Vs Evil In A World Where The Good Guys Don T Always Win.

10 thoughts on “The Institute

  1. Chaima ✨ شيماء Chaima ✨ شيماء says:

    After reading this synopsis, I am once again very relieved that Stephen King is an author of horror and not, y know, a serial killer

  2. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    Buddy read with the Scared Straight Reads group on Instagram It s time guys, it s finally time

  3. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    Reads synopsis whilst at work RIP Me.An all new 500 page book from the KING My favorite author Released just in time for my birthday Comparisons made to Firestarter.I am overwhelmed with enthusiasm for this WHERE IS MY COPY WHERE IS MY MAIL PERSON UPDATE IT S HERE

  4. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    KING of the writers just released a book and I started my Single ladies Staying alive combination happy dance, grabbed it into my hands and started my ritual I do when I start a new King book My ritual is simple I pray for several things starting with better eyesight Dear King always like to write encyclopedic sized books which I also used in my training sessions I lift The Stand and Dark Tower series 50 times till my arms turned into jellies but now I got an amazing look Some people confused me with woman wrestlers Damn it and my healthy soul probably I sold to the devil because I m biggest fan of his fantastic villains Randal Flagg, Jack Torrence, George Stark, Blaine the Mono were my dream quadruple I visualized them start villain poker tournaments and healthy throat and ears I was 10 when I started to read my first king Book and I was at my school chorus practice, hiding my book in my music notes but instead of singing that day, I was reading and then I started screaming I terr...

  5. Tucker Tucker says:

    If I ve learned anything in my fourteen fifteen years of life, it s that institutes are ALWAYS evil Always.

  6. Dennis Dennis says:

    The Institute has easily become my favorite Stephen King novel, ever It may be over 500 pages, but this book reads so fast, you won t put it down I would say that this book is a combination of X Men meets Stranger Things with the literary horror writing style that you ve expected to love by Stephen King The characters were multifaceted, the story was gripping and original, and there wasn t too much exposition we got right into the story early on This story really will take you on an adventure that you weren t expecting, and you will definitely not expect how it turns out The Institute will get you thinking and I see big things for this release.

  7. Johann (jobis89) Johann (jobis89) says:

    3.5 stars Maybe 4 Gonna think on it Full review to come.

  8. J.D. Barker J.D. Barker says:

    King s magic is in his characters, and this one is no exception Proximal to IT and FIRESTARTER, THE INSTITUTE is his classic children versus darkness tale, drawn in the flawless and consuming way we ve come to expect from this master storyteller.

  9. David Risher David Risher says:

    I ve been a huge SK fan since days of reading The Shining at a camp in Maine bad idea, but that s for another day I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of The Institute, and I m thrilled to report this is an example of Stephen King in top form No spoilers or details here the book won t be released till September But when it is, pick it up and be prepared to read into the night It s horrifying without being a horror book not that there s anything wrong with that a book about evil meeting kindness You ll love it.

  10. Laura Rash Laura Rash says:

    Only one thing stopped me from giving this fabulous book 5 stars all the political bullshit that was inserted I read for an escape There s a reason I don t watch the news It wasn t enough to ruin the story I just deemed it unnecessary Besides that, this was the best SK book I ve read in a long while This time he created a doorstop that was worth turning the pages.