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➾ 131 Method  Free ➵ Author Chalene Johnson – Sioril.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • 131 Method
  • Chalene Johnson
  • 04 February 2017
  • 9781401956783

131 Method Chalene Johnson, New York Times Best Selling Author And Award Winning Entrepreneur Who S Built And Sold Several Multimillion Dollar Lifestyle Companies, Offers A Revolutionary Fitness Program With Proven Success Based On Her Successful Online Program Of The Same Name.Diets Are Dumb You Aren T.Your Personalized Plan For Gut Health, Wellness, And Weight LossYou Re Smart You Re Sick Of Gimmicks And Trendy Diets That Leave You With Frustration And A Slower Metabolism The 131 Method Gets To The Root Of The Problem Gut Health And Delivers A Personalized Solution To Wellness, Hormone Balance, And Permanent Weight Loss Based On The Nobel Prize Winning Science Of Autophagy And Diet Phasing Finally, A Science Based Solution That S Actually Doable Following Her Own Health Scare, Health And Wellness Expert Chalene Johnson Set Out To Understand The Science And Individuality Of Metabolism Working With Renowned Researchers, Doctors, And Registered Dietitians, She Developed A Simplified 3 Phase Plan For Health Promoting Weight Loss This Proven Methodology Was Tested With Than 25,000 Individuals Now She Distills The Essentials Of Her Hugely Successful Online Program Into The 131 Method Book.1 Objective Set By You , 3 Weeks Of Diet Phasing, And 1 Week To Fast And Refuel 131 Method Guides You Through Chalene S Three Phase, 12 Week Solution, Helping You Personalize Every Step Of The Way You Ll Lose Weight Without Slowing Your Metabolism Improve Gut Health And Boost Immunity Fix Cravings And Reset Hormones Discover 100 Delicious, Easy RecipesThe 131 Method Isn T A One Size Fits All Diet, It S How To Eat A Diet That Works You Ll Get Everything You Need To Change Your Thinking, Transform Your Body, And Improve Your Life For Good

About the Author: Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson is a world renowned motivational speaker with than 30 years as a health expert She is a New York Times best selling author, health and lifestyle expert, and top health podcaster with over 20 million downloads of her show Tens of millions of people around the globe have transformed their bodies and their lives with her help, and her fitness programs have been featured in gyms

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    I know what you are thinking, you are thinking this is a diet book, right Nope 131 Method is of a health book explaining the science of YOU I ve been on a journey this year with my health and hormones I ve been put on several hormone therapies just in the last few months I m not satisfied with how I feel inside at only 39 Tired, anxious, headaches, dry skin, thinning hair, I could go on I started researching the root of things and leaky gut came up OVER and OVER When I heard Chalene on her podcast discussing leaky gut, I knew I needed the read this book I was so excited to get an advanced reader copy that I read it in under 24 hours I love her honesty in tearing dow...

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    I was lucky enough to be a part of the test group for this diet as Chalene was developing it This book is not just for people who want to lose weight This book is for anyone that wants optimal health, anyone that just wants to feel their best, and anyone that loves learning about nutrition This book is full of information that will change the way you think about eating For me the game changer is the diet phasing This book will walk you...

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    I pre ordered my book and had the chance to read the advanced copy, the introduction spoke so much to me I thought this might end up being a do this diet But instead it was a wake up call Chalene cuts through the bs diet fads and actually makes you realize that you are NOT a failure and it s not you but the cookie cutter diet that s the problem She makes you realize that one size fits all isn t real because what works for one doesn t for others You end up finding out what works for you and only you You get to take control of your life instead of going from one diet to another I appreciate her for being honest about all the diets and plans She took control of her health and it makes me realize that I can too.Update One of the biggest things I learned that even healthy food can be bad for me Eliminating certain foods drinks has actually started to h...

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    After reading the advanced copy, I realized this was the first diet book I knew wouldn t leave me feeling like a failure I love books about nutrition because I like knowing how the body works I don t like being told what to do without any explanation , and this book delivers on that note in spades The knowledge behind the why is what kept me engaged, and got me inspired to make lasting changes To borrow a quote, When you know better, you do better And I know SO MUCH now I think people can adopt really simple changes like eliminating inflammatory foods right away and feel better, which would then make them want to try the three phases in the book which are very different from anything I ve read about.Written with some great get it girl advice, it feels easy to digest, even though several of the topics are scientific I d say the balance of science, reality of what you can actually do as busy human, and permission to not be perfect makes this book very different than others on shelves within the same category I think it can appeal to people suffering from a particular health problem, such as IBS, leaky gut or hormone dysfunction, as well as for general I m not what I used to be, symptoms like difficulty sleeping, bloat...

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    This books provides you with knowledge on how to best find a nutritional solution for YOU Chalene writes in a way that is relatable and excites you to learn the science behind why, or why not, certain nutrition works for you Optimal health is a choice, no fad diet will result in long term success unless you put yourself in control of learning what works, and what doesn t work, for you This book shows you how to be in control of your own health through phasing your diet ...

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    Chalene s story of her journey to health is every woman s story even if we don t know it yet This book is finally the answer I have searched for about why every diet fails me I have lost and gained back the same 20 pounds for decades Finally, answers and the knowledge that I can do something about it The science behind the 131 Method is so solid, there s no disputing it What works for me will most likely not work for you and that is the key The 131 Method book will empower ...

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    Upon reading an advanced copy I realized that I have have found a diet book that speaks to me Chalene writes in an effortless way that feels like you are talking to your best girlfriend, and not reading another diet book She is motivational and passionate about what she does I have been a fan user of her fitness DVDs for years ...

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    These days when I go to the doctor, I need to be my own health advocate So I Google my symptoms do you and study to keep up to date on the latest research because I don t want to see the doc only to be sent away with a prescription or two and or a condescending comment about getting older And heck, docs don t ever ask me what I m eating In 131 Method , Chalene Johnson has done all of that research for me After her own health scare and subsequent years of research, Chalene Johnson figured out why 70% of Americans are overweight and a third are obese even with all those diet and fitness programs out there to choose from We have been misinformed Since I ve been through the online version of the 131 Method and had quickly and healthily lost 45 pounds, I was eager to get my hands on the book.Understand that this is a get healthy and a lifestyle book not another diet book I learned about my metabolism and how the body heals than I did as a pre med student in college I learned about the importance of gut health and how it impacts hormones, brain health, we...

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    This book is LIFE CHANGING I have lost 10 pounds eating according to the plan and not exercising My energy levels have improved and my mental focus and clarity has also improved The traditional diet doesn t work for everyone and is usually not sustainable This program teaches you how to listen to your body and develop YOUR OWN nutrition plan that works with your...

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    I am super excited and can t wait to receive my pre ordered copy When the 131 method first came out I was not in a great place, I had recently been diagnosed with PCOS, we were newly weds and everyone s dream is to get married and have kids welp that wasn t my story and still isn t today but I can say that the 131 has changed my life and can t wait to see how much it will do for me and my family Supe...

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