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`KINDLE ↜ Hitler and His Generals: Military Conferences 1942-1945 ↡ The Military Conferences That Hitler Had Twice Daily With His Staff, Where He Directed The War, Were Transcribed By Stenographers From 1942 To 1945 In The Bunker These Authentic Documents Are The Only Record Kept By The Germans Of Their Highest Military Decisions At The Critical Moment When The War Turned Against Them.

10 thoughts on “Hitler and His Generals: Military Conferences 1942-1945

  1. David A David A says:

    The book is not quite the kind of book one would read from start to finish Its useful as a work of reference and I like to use it in that manner as Im reading about various aspects of WWII to do with Hitler and his decisions at crucial junctures in the war Depending on what battle or incident or aspect of the war I am reading about, I like to take out this book and read the conference record of it if it featured, and all the main events do feature It s almost as if you are there listening to Hitler and his generals planning their next moves.The history of how the book actually came about is in itself a fascinating story In 1942, Hitler was growing increasingly frustrated and angry with his Generals with what he deemed to be a lack of adherence to his military decisions and orders So from September 1942 he directed that a transcript be made of the twice daily military conferences so as to put an end to the apparent confusion as to what he had directed and ordered at the conferences T...

  2. Dan Dan says:

    If you want an insight into Hitler s personality, these conference notes will give you an interesting, if far from complete, glimpse Some of the comments he makes in response to the briefings are almost comical However, you can also see that Hitler was not the clueles...

  3. Geeke Geeke says:

    I liked it This book was better than the movie.