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Hulk s warbound get a chance to shine in this book, and prove they are just as misunderstood as their former leader. @FREE E-PUB ⚢ World War Hulk ¾ World War Hulk Is Over But The Aftersmash Has Just Begun.Collects WWH Aftersmash Warbound 1 5. Greg Pak continues the story of Hulk s Warbound and their adventures on Earth following the end of World War Hulk The action is brisk and the plot engaging I like the portrayal of the Warbound as a thinking and caring group of heroes, despite everything that has been thrown at them I don t have high hopes for where they might go as a team in the future the Hulk s current group of writers seems to have no need to mention them or use them but I did like to see them o Surprisingly good got a taste again of the decent characterization that was a hallmark of Planet Hulk but got sidelined in World War Hulk. Un mal final para una serie pica.Estos son los rescoldos de World War Hulk Una peque a historia de los compa eros de viaje de Hulk tras el final de la guerra Muy flojita en gui n, pero bastante bien dibujada.Nos cuentan la historia de sus compa eros, que ahora son fugitivos de SHIELD, huyendo e intentando sobrevivir tras la ca da de Hulk Falta mucha de la expresividad, de la pica y del trasfondo de la serie WWH Me ha dej On the run following the Hulk s failed invasion of New York, the alien Warbound are considered fugitives by SHIELD Along with pursuing agent Kate Waynesboro the group Hiroim, Korg, Elloe, and No Name finds itself abducted to the southwest by a classic Hulk foe The Leader A mishmash of gamma events, triggered by Leader tapping into Hiroim s Oldstrong power, leads to a massive brawl that not every Warbound member will survive As much as I enjoyed the Warbo