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@DOWNLOAD PDF ó World War One: A Turning Point in Modern History ⚛ This Collection Of Distinguished Essays, Woven By The Editor S Introduction And Conclusion Into A General Historical Synthesis, Attempts To Show Whny The First World War Is A Turning Point In Modern History It Covers A Wide Range Of Problems, Including Intellectual And Cultural Trends Of The Postwar Period That Reflect The Spirit Of A Changing Social Order In America And In Western Europe The Phenomenon Known As Total War Is Examined And Its Consequences, Both Domestic And Foreign, Are Emphasized In View Of The Role It Has Played In Revolutionizing Twentieth Century Values And InstitutionsLibrary Of Congress Catalog Card Number

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    This is a scholarly but approachable work that offers a close examination of various aspects of the Great War as seen through the eyes of established academia in 1967 Its own place in history colors the attitudes of the historians who wrote, and it is therefore illuminating about the era in which it was written, as well.