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`Download Book ⇹ The Sleeper Awakes ✐ Have You Ever Had A Dream So Vivid You Didn T Know If You Were Awake Or Asleep Terminally Ill Cat Deveney Wakes Up After An Earthquake In A Place And Time She Does Not Recognize Is She Dreaming She Becomes Certain Of It When Told She Is The Answer To A Prophecy, The Sleeper Who Will End A Long Running War And Halt Waterfire A Devastating Weather Phenomenon That Threatens To Level The Land But Then She Meets A Man Who Must Guide Her Through The War Torn Countryside, An Honorable Man Who Is The Very Image Of Her Unfaithful Boyfriend, And She Begins To Wonder If She Is Dreaming.Strian Of Kurit Has Been Given The Task Of Delivering This Mysterious Woman To The Ritual Grounds Is She Really The Sleeper As The Legends Foretell, Or Is She A Spy From The Enemy, Sent To Mislead And Betray Amid The Battles And His Own Doubts, Strian Finds Himself Drawn To The Puzzling Stranger, And Despite His Misgivings, Starts To Believe

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    The Sleeper Awakesby Eilis FlynnISBN 978 1419908552Cerridwen PressMs Flynn pens a fantastical tale of adventure and love Catherine Deveney doesn t have long to live She has a malignant tumor, a crippled leg, and a lover who would love to marry her to get her insurance money An earthquake hits Seattle and Cat is crushed under a table When she awakens, she s in a foreign land with strange people and a macabre natural disaster waterfire Strian, Prince of Kurit and brother to the Court, is suspicious of Cat and suspects her of spying for the man who killed his nephew while attempting to usurp the throne But the prince needs her for the Ritual to stay the power of the waterfire and save the kingdom from certain destruction.The love of the people in Kurit helps Cat become a determined woman, bold enough to fulfil...

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    This is my favorite romantic fantasy novel.