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@Free E-pub ⛄ Drowning With Others ⚸ They Have The Perfect Marriage Did One Of Them Kill To Get It Prep School Sweethearts Ian And Andi Copeland Are Envied By Everyone They Know They Have Successful Businesses, A Beautiful House In St Louis, And Their Eldest Daughter, Cassidy, Is Following In Their Footsteps By Attending Prestigious Glenlake Academy Then, A Submerged Car Is Dredged From The Bottom Of A Swimming Hole Near The Campus So Are The Remains Of A Former Writer In Residence Who Vanished Twenty Years Ago During Ian And Andi S Senior Year.When Cassidy S Journalism Class Begins Investigating The Death, Ian And Andi S High School Secrets Rise To The Surface Each Has A Troubled Link To The Man Whose Arrival And Sudden Disappearance Once Set The School On Edge And Each Had A Reason To Want Him Gone As Cassidy Unwittingly Edges Closer To The Truth, Unspoken Words, Locked Away For Decades, Will Force Ian And Andi To Question What They Really Know About Themselves, About The Past, And About A Marriage Built On A Murderous Lie.

10 thoughts on “Drowning With Others

  1. Mackey Mackey says:

    Drowning With Others was one of my September selections on Prime First Reads Each month is a hit or miss with me but this selection was definitely a hit A fast paced suspense based on lies told in years past and currently The characters were a little out of my league so I had a rough start trying to connect with them but, despite that, the story itself is as old as time lies, deceit, murder and cover up I like the writing style of the author and the book succeeded in being quite suspenseful until the end If you like suspense then I definitely recommend Drowning With Others.

  2. Bridgett Bridgett says:

    No one can keep secrets these days And so begins the exquisitely character driven novel, Drowning with Others I started reading this late last night, and just finished today I could hardly put it down While it does seem a little too drawn out, I found it to be a fun, quirky, beautifully rendered suspense Perhaps it was all the references to the mid to late 90s, when I was in college myself, but the book really resonated with me I enjoyed the characters, and the mystery was unexpectedly good I thought the book was heading one way, yet it went head first in another directionwhich I loved Told from three points of view, those of Andi the mother , Ian the father , and Cassidy their daughter , the time frame bounces from present day during Cassidy s senior year in high school to the 1996 97 school year, when Ian Andi were the senior it couple at Glenlake Academya prestigious, elite boarding school near Chicago It also includes journal entries from ea...

  3. Darinda Darinda says:

    Ian and Andi Copeland were high school sweethearts at their boarding school Twenty years later, they are married and their daughter Cassidy is now a senior at that same school A car is found at the bottom of the local swimming hole with a body in it, and it turns out to be a missing teacher from Ian and Andi s senior year at school Cassidy s class is taking on a class project to investigate what happened The Copeland family is drawn into the mystery of what happened, and along the way secrets are revealed.Told from Andi, Ian and Cassidy s points of view Journal entries from Andi and Ian s time at school are used to fill in blanks from their pasts I enjoyed the way the journal entries were included to further explain the characters and their stories Andi and Ian broke up for a little while during their senior year, and it seems both of them have secrets from that time in their lives Cassidy is curious about the submerged car, but she becomes even curious...

  4. Noah Crocker Noah Crocker says:

    EDIT 9 20 19So apparently, people see this review without the This review contains spoilers mark This makes absolutely no sense, as not only do I have it marked so, but I view it marked as such as well THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS DON T READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU DON WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS I really enjoyed this book.The plotline was amazing a former teacher who disappeared 20 years prior was discovered in his car at the bottom of a lake The school launches an investigation well, a senior class in the school does to try to figure who killed the man, and why The story is split into three perspectives Ian, a senior at the time the teacher Dallas Walker disappeared, and was in Dallas s billiards club Andi, Ian s girlfriend in high school, who later married Ian, but for no said reason, cut it off with Ian in the middle of Senior year, and then got back together with him just a few months later with no indication why.And finally, Cassidy, Ian and Andi s o...

  5. Barbara Barbara says:

    Andi and Ian Copeland were high school sweethearts and the IT Couple of their expensive boarding school Twenty years later, the school is still part of their lives Their eldest daughter is studying there and their twins are due to start at the school next year, completing a multi generational association with the school for the Copeland family So far, so idyllic But then a shocking discovery a car submerged in a swimming hole with an actual skeleton inside threatens to rattle a lot of metaphorical skeletons in cupboards for both the Copelands and their old schoolmates and teachers.The body is suspected to be that of Dallas Walker, poet, pool player and the writer in residence back when Andi and Ian were at the school Their daughter Cassidy is studying with the current writer in residence , an investigative journalist who encourages the class to do their own sleuthing to try to work out whodunnit and why Cassidy s determination to get to the bottom of wha...

  6. PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps says:

    I just couldn t get into this, read a few spoilers and decided the book wasn t worth my time I appreciate people who post spoiler reviews so I can avoid wasting my time when I m on the fence.

  7. Elizabeth Sievers Elizabeth Sievers says:

    Full ReadingThis book was boring There was no kick of excitement, no roller coaster ride to the next page I had to plow through a lot of detail just to find out a little bit of information I felt like I was reading a text book.

  8. Bookphile Bookphile says:

    I m torn about this book I enjoyed the story for the most part and found the plot very compelling, but I pretty much hated the ending It just wasn t a satisfying resolution and by satisfying, I mean it didn t seem like a good payoff for the plot view spoiler One of my big gripes with this book was the loan Ian took out from his father in law I really, really hate how a lot of books will use a husband in financial distress who lies to his wife about shady financial steps and or cheats financially behind his wife s back to drive the plot I mean, it would be fine if this was a plot point and then the wife freaked out on the husband or the husband suffered some other consequence, but I read this particular trope so many times, and so many fictional women, like Andi, just shrug this off When she finds out what Ian s done, her response is to be confused about why he didn t use their own money, then say oh , then tell him not to worry, she ll call her dad and m...

  9. Adrian Lawrence Adrian Lawrence says:

    Drowning in sorrow, my sorrowI didn t want to put this book down.simply because I wanted it over and done with ASAP As early as chapter 2 DNF came to mind If goes nowhere quickly, especially the first half that had me banging my head against my kindle in frustration You ve got to do a lot of reading to extract anything of value to the plot But you don t know that at the time so you read it alleven all the never ending poetry which has a sizeable partand then another review star in my mind slowly becomes dim It was a shame because the general plot is good This could have been a suspenseful page turner had the authors thought about readability It was too wordy with far too many pages of non plot related side bars.

  10. Jodie Jodie says:

    little story that could be so trueThis wasn t a bad book it it started to really lose me at about 300 pages in A little too much fluff made it a solid 3 stars.