★ A Good Team (Unicorn and Yeti #2) PDF / Epub ✪ Author Heather Ayris Burnell – Sioril.co.uk

★ A Good Team (Unicorn and Yeti #2)  PDF / Epub ✪ Author Heather Ayris Burnell – Sioril.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 64 pages
  • A Good Team (Unicorn and Yeti #2)
  • Heather Ayris Burnell
  • 11 April 2017
  • 9781338329049

A Good Team (Unicorn and Yeti #2) Magical Friends Unicorn And Yeti Love To Play GamesPick A Book Grow A Reader This Series Is Part Of S Early Reader Line, Acorn, Aimed At Children Who Are Learning To Read With Easy To Read Text, A Short Story Format, Plenty Of Humor, And Full Color Artwork On Every Page, These Books Will Boost Reading Confidence And Fluency Acorn Books Plant A Love Of Reading And Help Readers Grow Yeti Is Good At Kicking The BallUnicorn Cannot Kick The Ball Unicorn Is Good At Running RacesYeti Cannot Run Fast Unicorn And Yeti Play Ring Toss, Run A Race, And Go Ice Skating These Laugh Out Loud Stories With Full Color Artwork And Easy To Read Text Throughout Are Perfect For New Readers

About the Author: Heather Ayris Burnell

Author of the Unicorn and Yeti series from Scholastic Acorn Coming in 2019 Sparkly New Friends, A Good Team, and Friends Rock Branch Librarian at North Central Regional Library Organic Garlic Farmer at Great Northern Garlic Supporter of writers at Sub It Club.

10 thoughts on “A Good Team (Unicorn and Yeti #2)

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    I liked the focus on teamwork and doing things together and modifying a game if it didn t work for one of the people playing Cute little book that I think beginner readers would enjoy 3.5 stars, rounded to 4, because SPARKLY UNICORN, lol

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    Unicorn and Yeti is an early reader that could teach us all some great lessons Young Ss will watch these two learn about perseverance, good sportsmanship, empathy, and friendship I know some kids who are going to fall in love with Unicorn and Yeti.

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    A cute story for children just learning to read.

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    First sentence Unicorn saw Yeti kick the ball Premise plot The first book in the series is Sparkly New Friends This second book features three adventures The Ball, A Race, and On Ice In chapter one, the two friends TRY to play ball together But can unicorn catch and throw a ball In chapter two, the two friends race each other But can Yeti run as fast as unicorn In chapter three, the two friends go ice skating a new activity for both of them Can unicorn ice skate How about Yeti My thoughts I enjoyed this one I don t know if my favorite story was the one about playing ball or ice skating But it definitely was not the racing one Still two out of three isn t bad when it comes to stories I don t know that I love this series enough to want there to be thirty books in the series.but I wouldn t mind a few .

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    My thoughts Unicorn and Yeti enjoy playing games with one another In this book they play play ball, which turns into ring toss, they race and they ice skate They have a lot of fun together and learn that not everyone can do the same things in the same way, or the same things period.The text in this book goes hand and hand with the illustrations The illustrations help to tell a in depth story about what is going on within the book I really enjoy books that are written in a beginner graphic novel type style for younger children I strongly believe that books like this have the potential to help keep children interested in reading in the future I look forward to reading books in this series soon.

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    I love these little books

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    friendship theme

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    Interesting stories, glad we re getting acorn books The stories found twists that I wasn t expecting, so that was cool.

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    Note I received an ARC of this book from the publisher at ALA Annual 2019.

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