[ PDF / Epub ] ☃ 名探偵コナン 69 (Detective Conan #69) Author Gosho Aoyama – Sioril.co.uk

[ PDF / Epub ] ☃ 名探偵コナン 69 (Detective Conan #69) Author Gosho Aoyama – Sioril.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • 名探偵コナン 69 (Detective Conan #69)
  • Gosho Aoyama
  • 12 December 2018
  • 9781421598673

名探偵コナン 69 (Detective Conan #69)Can Detective Conan Crack The Case While Trapped In A Kid S Body Jimmy Kudo, The Son Of A World Renowned Mystery Writer, Is A High School Detective Who Has Cracked The Most Baffling Of Cases One Day While On A Date With His Childhood Friend Rachel Moore, Jimmy Observes A Pair Of Men In Black Involved In Some Shady Business The Men Capture Jimmy And Give Him A Poisonous Substance To Rub Out Their Witness But Instead Of Killing Him, It Turns Him Into A Little Kid Jimmy Takes On The Pseudonym Conan Edogawa And Continues To Solve All The Difficult Cases That Come His Way All The While, He S Looking For The Men In Black And The Mysterious Organization They Re With In Order To Find A Cure For His Miniature Malady.Following An Anonymous Tip, Richard Moore Travels To A Remote Inn To Catch A Murderer Instead He Finds Evidence Of River Monsters Conan Is Sure The Killer Is All Too Human, But Then Rachel Sees One Of The Legendary Creatures For Herself Then Conan Visits A Hot Spring Where A Movie Crew S Crime Drama Is Interrupted By A Real Murder And At A Romantic Chocolate Themed Party, The Host Samples A Not So Sweet Bite Of Cyanide

About the Author: Gosho Aoyama

is a Japanese manga artist He is best known as the creator of the manga series Detective Conan known in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom as Case Closed.Aoyama made his debut as a manga artist with the work Chotto Matte which was published in the weekly magazine Sh nen Sunday on winter of 1987 Shortly after that, another work by Aoyama, Magic Kaito, was published on the same magazine.Chinese name QING SHAN GANG CHANG

10 thoughts on “名探偵コナン 69 (Detective Conan #69)

  1. says:

    Not the strongest volume, but it definitely satisfied my Case Closed craving That cliffhanger ending, though I can t wait to find out what happens.

  2. says:

    gara gara kappa jadi inget mainan yokai watch

  3. says:

    the ending of the white day case was super cute 3

  4. says:

    Baru beberapa halaman sudah ngantukBaru beberapa halaman lalu mengerjakan hal lainBelum istirahat total selama 1 minggu, belum fit ini Lol

  5. says:

    Proper review to followOne Word Rec READ Rating 5 Aoyama Gosho DETECTIVE CONAN Meitantei Conan 69 e read online genre manga, mystery, shounen shelves comics, GN, manga, manhua, manhwa General Synopsis As mentioned above, I am going to write a proper review for this soon, but I have a few books ahead of this one in the queue, so I cannot stop reading DC NOW That s sacrilege I have decided to read all the chapters available up to now we are almost to 1000 As you can see, I am totally fangirling over here and I don t care, because this is one of my favorite manga series, ever But all of this aside, there are a few things I wanted to list so I don t need to go back and look everything up when I do finally sit down and write my fangirl review V.69, includes Files 719 729DO NOT click on the spoiler link if you don t want to read all the cases in this volume, because it will ruin it for you On the other hand, if you re a fan like me or are looking for a certain case and please ...

  6. says:

    Der 69 Band beginnt diesmal eigenst ndig und neu und hat selbst aber nat rlich ein offenes Ende In diesem Band kommen weder KID, noch Heiji seit 2 B nden , noch die schwarze Organisation vor Und ich komme hier um vor Neugier, weil ich doch wissen will, wie es mit der Grundstory weitergeht die gerade so richtig spannend wurde.Aber nun gut, in diesem Band gibt es stattdessen also einige kleinere F lle mit den Detektive Boys und Kogoro und Ran Diese beiden Kombinationen wec...

  7. says:

    cerita pembunuhan di desa tempat legenda kappa kurang greget, motif buat membunuh rasanya terlalu dibuat buat hihi lucu ada kappa p sayang gak ada conan pakai baju kappa pembunuhan di pemandian air panas yang bikin lucu pembalasan ai ke conan, haha mata di balas mata pembunuhan white days pelakunya udah dikasih tau diawal, ceritanya lebih ke white days nya sih, sweet tapi kasian ran gak ketemu shinici mulu p terakhir ada kasus buat para det...

  8. says:

    Kasusnya nggak seseru yang biasanya.Tapi ada beberapa bagian yang menarik di volume ini, yaitu waktu Ai balas perbuatan Conan Mata di balas Mata ,, ihhh itu luu dehSedangkan di bagian white day,,, ada sweet moment yg dialami Ran yah,, walaupun nggak nunjukin wujud aslinya, setidakny...

  9. says:

    The plot is so so Nothing special in this book It was aritten as normal as we can expect But, I like the pictures and the author made some humours on there.

  10. says:

    Di volume ini saya suka bagian yang ada Miwako Takagi nya, white day, ah so sweet yah bahkan Shinichi jg ternyata ga lupa kasih sesuatu ke Ran yg hampir mau mewek itu hiks hahaha

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