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|Free ♿ Geographical Information Management in Polar Regions ⚕ Geographical Information Management In Polar Regions Mediation, Data Sharing And Interoperability, Volume 7,reflects On And Critically Evaluates The Historical Development Of Polar Data Management And Information Systems, With A Particular Focus On Activities Under The Recent International Polar Year 2007 2009 And Beyond This Historical Analysis Provides A Foundation For A Proposed Holistic Model That Considers The Complexity Of The Polar Information Domain, Combining Many Kinds Of Data, Information And Knowledge Mediation Under An Integrated Social Environmental Technical Construct To Support Improved Understanding And Use Of The Earth System As A Whole.Presents An Expert Examination Of The Broad Range Of Opportunities And Challenges Facing Actors I.e., Scientists, Governments, NGOs Involved In Polar Data Management And ResearchFeatures Three Data Mediation Case StudiesIncludes The Perspectives And Practices Of Indigenous People Of The North, Offering A New Viewpoint On The Importance Of Data Sharing In The Polar Regions