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What an interesting read I ve read two books that focused on old Hollywood, specifically the silent era, and only remember a slight mention of black silent screen actors of the time Mainly that they were there but for the most part it was just white actors in black face or yellow face for that matter What is truly telling of the system is that the practice continued well into the 1940 s Hollywood Black focuses on the growing changes as well as social stratus that black actors had have to climb through to get equal footing with their white peers especially black female actresses Bogle s charts the history of black film industry from the silent era starting with early race films and pioneering black film directors like Oscar Micheaux as well as actors like Rex Ingram and Stepin Fetchit People who have been thrown by the way side of history do to the color of their skin and the racist practices of the day Though to a lesser extent it still continues today learning about the struggles of these actors and filmmakers from an outsiders perspective is really eye opening But I really admire the strength to carry on and to change a system that once pegged these actors as mammies, magic Negros, and mad black women If I had one concession of an otherwise great book it would be the lack of focus on specific actors actresses Some were just brushed over like Morgan Freeman and others got multiple chapters like Denzel Washington also why was television only sometimes mention I know this focus was on Hollywood but television has become the main median that people consume now especially through streaming channels like Netflix Angela Basset has made a healthy come back career through television, especially through the Netflix series American Horror Stories and she should have been mentioned for her roles in the anthology This is not a complaint really, I liked what was covered and learned about a lot of films that I was never aware of and would like to check out as a fan of silent cinema and early talkies viewing race films as a genre forced to exist would be something to see This book brings to life a history I didn t know existed, as sad as that is Though it puts the question forward, how far can we come if our past is ignored Thank you Netgalley for the ARC, as always I give you my honest review. [Kindle] ♶ Hollywood Black ☥ The Films, The Stars, The Filmmakers All Get Their Due In Hollywood Black, A Sweeping Overview Of Blacks In Film From The Silent Era Through Black Panther, With Striking Photos And An Engrossing History By Award Winning Author Donald BogleThe Story Opens In The Silent Film Era, When White Actors In Blackface Often Played Black Characters, But Also Saw The Rise Of Independent African American Filmmakers, Including The Remarkable Oscar Micheaux It Follows The Changes In The Film Industry With The Arrival Of Sound Motion Pictures And The Great Depression, When Black Performers Such As Stepin Fetchit And Bill Bojangles Robinson Began Finding A Place In Hollywood More Often Than Not, They Were Saddled With Rigidly Stereotyped Roles, But Some Gifted Performers, Most Notably Hattie McDaniel In Gone With The Wind , Were Able To Turn In Significant PerformancesIn The Coming Decades, Black Talents Would Light Up The Screen Dorothy Dandridge Became The First African American To Earn A Best Actress Oscar Nomination For Carmen Jones , And Sidney Poitier Broke Ground In Films Like The Defiant Ones And S Lilies Of The Field Hollywood Black Reveals The Changes In Images That Came About With The Evolving Social And Political Atmosphere Of The US, From The Civil Rights Era To The Black Power Movement The Story Takes Readers Through Blaxploitation, With Movies Like Shaft And Super Fly, To The Emergence Of Such Stars As Cicely Tyson, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, And Whoopi Goldberg, And Of Directors Spike Lee And John SingletonThe History Comes Into The New Millennium With Filmmakers Barry Jenkins Moonlight , Ava Du Vernay Selma ,and Ryan Coogler Black Panther Megastars Such As Denzel Washington, Will Smith, And Morgan Freeman As Well As Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, And A Glorious Gallery Of OthersFilled With Evocative Photographs And Stories Of Stars And Filmmakers On Set And Off, Hollywood Black Tells An Underappreciated History As It S Never Before Been Told Hollywood Black Turner Classic Movies by Donald BogleThe Stars, The Films, The FilmmakersRich with history this book begins in the early years of film then moves through the decades from the thirties through the 20th century and then a bit beyond As I read and looked at photos I remembered movies and loved and also was reminded of the roles that black actors had played in them Not all of the movies I remember were in this book many were I also came away wanting to revisit some of those well remembered movies and see some mentioned that I had never encountered I learned a great deal including the fact that there were movies made by black directors decades before I was even born I found this book fascinating and would love to have it in my library to spend time with in the future I also highly recommend this book to libraries as a wonderful resource Thank you to NetGalley and Perseus Books, Running Press for the ARC This is my honest review 5 Stars 3.5 out of 4 This is a beautiful book, with an abundance of information and revelations However, I feel like this is just a beginning to learning about Hollywood Black Whole tomes could be written about each decade And I feel like the further Donald Bogle went into history, the he skimmed The 2000 s are all clumped together when there is a big difference between the 00 s and the 10 s What I did get out of this book is an entire list of films and actors that I have to keep an eye out for from now on I immediately looked up clips of the Nicholas Brothers and my god are they amazing. I ve read other books by this author and liked them but this was disappointing, and the main reason, I admit, is that it s not a well researched deep dive into a particular subject, but instead a survey covering nearly 100 years, light on text and heavy on photographs If you want a book that rushes through its topics as it gives you a general overview of the subject African American filmmakers and performers , this will do But there is so much that could have been said about people like Willy Best, Clarence Muse, Lillian Randolph, James Edwards, Roscoe Lee Browne, Bill Nunn and others that it s a shame this opportunity was wasted Even Hattie McDaniel doesn t really get her due she gets 5 pages but the bulk of that is about Gone with the Wind And there are errors aplenty in the text whether that s mostly due to the author or the editors, I can t say The movie Superfly is one word, not two it s often written as SuperFly with a capital F but never Super Fly, as Bogle insists Richard Pryor s breakout album is not called This Nigger is Crazy, but That Nigger s Crazy Patti LuPone s name is not spelled Patty Oscars can be honorary, but not honorarey And so on And I won t even get into the occasional subject verb agreement problems that crop up Bogle s coverage of the race films of the 30s and 40s is interesting, but just scratches the surface I d love to read an entire book about those maybe someday Bogle will write one with better editors. OMG I loved this book What a gem Very well written history on black films Nice mix of actors and actresses I found the facts to be very interesting and fascinating The format of the book makes you want to continue reading The subjects chosen were good choices and I sincerely hope the author makes a 2nd book on the subject matter I for one would buy it Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book Although I received the book in this manner, it did not effect my opinion of this book nor my review. tcm books is kind of killing it the book seems a little rushed at times, but the various sections highlighting actors and directors particularly those on early notables make for an engaging read it does hit a few high points as things move past the 40s and 50s, rather than delving into possible side avenues, but that s why we have books like tanarive due s horror noire to explore all the possibilities. I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it.The films, the stars, the filmmakers all get their due in Hollywood Black, a sweeping overview of blacks in film from the silent era through Black Panther, with striking photos and an engrossing history by award winning author Donald Bogle.The story opens in the silent film era, when white actors in blackface often played black characters, but also saw the rise of independent African American filmmakers, including the remarkable Oscar Micheaux It follows the changes in the film industry with the arrival of sound motion pictures and the Great Depression when black performers such as Stepin Fetchit and Bill Bojangles Robinson began finding a place in Hollywood More often than not, they were saddled with rigidly stereotyped roles, but some gifted performers, most notably Hattie McDaniel in Gone With the Wind 1939 , were able to turn in significant performances.In the coming decades, black talents would light up the screen Dorothy Dandridge became the first African American to earn a Best Actress Oscar nomination for Carmen Jones 1954 , and Sidney Poitier broke ground in films like The Defiant Ones and 1963 s Lilies of the Field Hollywood Black reveals the changes in images that came about with the evolving social and political atmosphere of the US, from the Civil Rights era to the Black Power movement The story takes readers through Blaxploitation, with movies like Shaft and Super Fly, to the emergence of such stars as Cecily Tyson, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and Whoopi Goldberg, and of directors Spike Lee and John Singleton.The history comes into the new millennium with filmmakers Barry Jenkins Moonlight , Ava Du Vernay Selma , and Ryan Coogler Black Panther megastars such as Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and Morgan Freeman as well as Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, and a glorious gallery of others.Filled with evocative photographs and stories of stars and filmmakers on set and off, Hollywood Black tells an underappreciated history as it s never before been told.I am a movie fanatic and enjoyed this book thoroughly despite my lack of love for the movie Black Panther the women warriors were a cultural phenomenon, for sure, but it was still a comic book movie to me I guess that I must be colour blind as I see the stars mentioned in this book these days as equals to any actor of any colour despite their skin tone It was decidedly different in the past, for sure just ask Megyn Kelly could you imagine Al Jolson doing blackface now Digressing, Crazy Rich Asians would obviously not work without an Asian cast but look at all the BS that flew when it came out that Henry Golding was half white and half Malaysian vs 100% Chinese Singaporean Obviously, my blindness is confined to me and me alone.The book is well written, researched, and presented and it is a great gift for a cinephile or someone studying following race relations and equality okay, that last half of the sentence took me about 5 minutes to craft If you ever wanted to know anything about the early days of Black Hollywood, this is the author to read, Donald Bogle If you re an actor or wanna be an actor, then read every book Donald Bogle has written about Hollywood You re guaranteed to learn something about the pioneers that forged the path for actors such as Ossie Davis, Sammy Davis, Jr., Sidney Portier, Denzel Washington and Will Smith the list goes on and on.Don t forget late night TV Me TV and other nostalgia stations show a bevy of old bw TV shows featuring black actors and actresses Check out The Jack Benny Show where it features a character named Rochester played by Eddie Anderson, a vaudeville actor from the 1920s Eddie had a prominent and important role on the show, for the times.Also check out The Phil Silvers Show where there are several black actors featured as military men and some with speaking roles Imagine my shock when I saw a black secretary in an office on base and she spoke a couple of lines These actors shows were ahead of their time in hiring black actors Then there s Julia starring Diahann Carroll she s a nurse which is credited as being one of the first weekly series to depict an African American woman in a non stereotypical role.Gail Fisher, she played Joe Mannix s secretary Gail The Mod Squad with characters Lincoln he played Prince s father in Purple Rain , Pete and Julie.The list goes on and on.Check out the shows above and others if you ever get a chance ARC provided by Netgalley