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~BOOK ♩ No Bucks, No Buck Rogers ♍ This Is A Book About The Business Of Space It Is Indeed The First Such Book To Explore The Creation Of The Whole New Field Of Commercial Space Exploration, Previously Considered To Be An Oxymoron The Book Anchors The Story On Historical Developments Which Transformed The Original Governmental And Military Space Program Into The Successful Satellite Communications And Broadcasting Business It Then Builds The Case For Moving Forward To The Next Stages Leading To Full Commercial Space Exploration, With Space Tourism And Therefore Commercial Space Transportation Being The Key To This Paradigm Shift Originally The Commercialization Of Space Was Limited To Various Kinds Of Satellites, But Now The March Of History Is Bringing A Manned Or Rather Crewed Spaceflight Regime Into Its Remit The Author Has Been Involved In All These Phases Of Development As A Business Insider, And Is Currently One Of The International Judges Of The Google Lunar XPRIZE Which Is Using Prizes To Kickstart Lunar Commercial Business